Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: Everyday Christmas… Instant Vintage

Let me preface this post by saying- I’m not comfortable doing overt, braggadocios, self-promotion, but the Ladybug pinned me in a corner and told me that I had to talk about the release of my latest project with Tony Liotta titled Everyday Christmas.

On November 21, 2011, Keep Hold, S.r.L. released  the single Everyday Christmas for digital download worldwide.  The sales for the record will be donated to an organization called Emergency, but I’ll tell you more about that in a bit.

About three years ago I was working on some productions at Stop Music Studio in Alessandria, Italy.  It was late and Andrea [Fresu] and I were about to shut down for the night when he said, “Knaggy, I got this project and we want to do a classic Christmas song. What do you think about it?”  By this time it was 2:45am so I told him…

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