Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: The Ladybug Makes Me Look Fly

kNatural Light Photography

TLC_5577Hey family, what’s good?
Listen, I realized I never told or showed you how The Ladybug styled me for tour this year.

TLC_5568Budget is at the center of it all, so she recycled the suit from last year and we decided on the complementing color be purple.

TLC_5483To further delve into recycling, I shopped at the Family Thrift Store in Plano, Texas and picked up a purple shirt that actually bore a monogram for an organization in Louisiana.  While there I picked up another shirt that still had the tags which I might show in another post.

TLC_5264My accessories were a flower (she had this idea of me being super elegant), one of my ascots by Robert Talbott, a “checkered” pattern tie by Jones New York that I picked up from TJ Maxx, a really dope handkerchief from Express (it has 4 different patterns on it), my silver tie and…

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