The Ladybug Blooms: Rainydays and Mondays Will Not Get Me Down!

kNatural Light Photography

TLC_7285 It has been a week, but things haven’t changed that much in Milan… there’s still the same rainy weather with a few hot and steamy days between. I really wonder if a proper summer is coming this year because it seems the rain won’t stop falling. With that said, I am sorry that I can’t surprise you with a proper summerish outfit. Bbut as you can see, even though the days keep calling for tights, at least I try to make it stylish as I become the Spring flower! TLC_7277TLC_7294 Today I am wearing a lovely John Zack white lace dress that I bought some years ago, after being inspired by Alexa Chung wearing one a long time ago! I paired it with a preppy thrifted oversized jacket from Humana Vintage originally from Luisa Spagnoli. TLC_7280TLC_7293 I decided to wear my Burberry patent ankle boots (a real bargain on Ebay!) and my…

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