Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: The Great Spider Man…

kNatural Light Photography

the_great_gatsby_movie-wideThe other night, The Ladybug and I decided to go to the cinema to the The Great Gatsby… in Italian.  Io non parlo o capito Italiano bene, but still… here’s my review of the film.

We arrived a few minutes late because we stopped to get something to eat so I’m not quite sure if Peter Parker was in a mental institution as he told the story or if he was just an eccentric author. Either way; I never saw Spider Man, so I think he had amnesia about his super powers and forgot he was merely a freelance photographer and not a journalist.


Anyway, Peter spent the first part of the movie tracking the villain with the blue pinky ring.  Now this guy went by the name “The Great Gatsby.” He was filthy rich.  He was a member of the Illuminati.  It was obvious because he liked to play…

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