Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: Escape to Moonrise Kingdom

Today started like most Sundays for me.  The alarm went off and the preparation for church was to begin… Well, like I said- It started like most.  I haven’t been getting much rest lately, so I decided to stay home.

As you know, I’m an avid Sundance Channel watcher and recorded.  While I was pulling movies off the DVR, I saw the trailer for a film called Moonrise Kingdom.  It got my attention, so I went online to see if it was playing at the Angelika.  It was, so I went.

I was so pleasantly surprised by this film.  I can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud.  The comedy was both superficial and cerebral.  I don’t like spoiling movies for anyone but one of the lines that busted my gut was, “He does watercolors; mostly landscapes, but a few nudes.”

Really this film is a must see…

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