The Ladybug’s Disneyland in NYC: A Guided Tour Through Century 21

kNatural Light Photography

I often use the word “Disneyland” to define the places where I could not only spend hours, but I would keep coming back every day and spend more time than the day before: they can be museums, landscapes, shops and some other kind of places I’d better not define here (even if you use your imagination only a few people in the world really know what I’m talking about!).

I recently found out that a few of these places are in New York! We’ll soon talk about all of them, but for now let’s start with Century 21 Discount Stores.

The first time I heard of it was many years ago during an episode of Sex And The City.

Since then, I knew I needed to go the first chance I had to visit New York! I was so surprised to find it listed as an attraction of Downtown in…

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