Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: Window Shopping with The Ladybug

Photo credit: Lia Chang

My boss and I have this dream of meeting in New York and checking out the city from both of our perspectives.  It’s great because we’d both learn so much about the city… and for me, I’m sure I’d see and experience things I’ve never known and even the places on my part of the plan would be seen with fresh eyes.

Alas, it’s a beautiful dream- as magical as the Night Before Christmas.

Last week I was sitting with Shirley in my lap (I just cracked myself up because I was trying to figure out if I wanted to call my new Shirley, “Li’l Shirley” which made me think of Cole’s girlfriend Big Shirley from the sitcom Martin) working on the tour and watching Good Morning America.  They presented a quick story about the unvailing of the Christmas Windows at Lord & Taylor.  Now, if I’m going to…

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