The Ladybug’s a Soulful Stylist: Styling KNAGUI for the Soul of Gospel Revue Tour 2011

kNatural Light Photography

When I was 18 and finished high school I decided to apply for the University of Bologna to become a translator, knowing that if they didn’t take me I would have gone to Milan to study Fashion and try a career as a stylist. I’ll never know what would have happened in this second case since my first application went well and I graduated as a translator in 2001.
I work in a completely different field, but occasionally I work as a translator and I keep my love for foreign languages alive as well as my love for fashion. It is funny that over the years my old and new friends keep calling me for advices or tips when they need to get dressed for cocktails, weddings, dressed-up parties or other kind of special events.
Styling people is my child-aged dream; something that could have turned into a real job…

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