Month: January 2014

The Ladybug’s Inner Goddess of Style Speaks To Milan’s Grey Sky: “Let There Be Color!”

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In the last few days all that Milan has to offer, in regard to weather, is a grey sky and a cold air.  That’s why I decided to pop-out some color today!

I’m wearing two of my favorite bold-colored vintage finds today: this frill fuchsia blouse from Humana Vintage and this blue ’80s jacket from the Salvation Army in New York.



Since I knew it was going to a big choc of colors, I decided to wear black for the rest of the outfit: Topshop velvet shorts, Max & Co. riding boots and messenger bag (both a result of my last winter sales!)



I’m also wearing this amazing hat from Pippi the milliner, a wonderful retro inspired handmade piece that I bought at the fair L’artigiano in Fiera here in Milan.

(Photo Credit: KNAGUI)



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The Ladybug is a VIP “Southern Gul” in Taormina…

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It’s possible, most of you don’t know that I am a “real Southern girl:” I was born and raised in Sicily and although I left there when I was 18, my beloved family is still there.

This means that every time I “go home” I feel a bit carefree and pampered as if I’m on holiday and I do a lot of visiting, like I did this last Christmas. This time I made a soft plan to visit and show off one of the most beautiful and famous places in Sicily, Taormina, where you can easily feel like a VIP on holiday anytime of the year!



It was a warm sunny day and I decided to wear a vintage shirt from Humana Vintage (remember? The charity shop in Milan that I love so much!) with Zara hot-pants and Stefanel coat.

I added my new Rag & Bone Newbury boots (they are…

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The Ladybug Wants to Know: “Did I Win Anything?!?”

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It is on lazy Sunday afternoons that I often browse my old pictures to find something that I forgot or to relive old memories. This is also the time when I find things that I’d love to share with our “Love Bugs.”

Last summer I entered a give-a-way of one of my favorite vintage sellers and bloggers, who is also one of my best “virtual friends,” Brande from Victory Vintage Boutique and I had the chance to be the lucky winner. When I received my lovely package, I decided to take pictures of my new gifts and here I am sharing them with you.

The main reason why I am sharing them is because I want to show you Brande’s amazing creativity and artistic work: if you check her out, you will be amazed by her creations. Everything that you see in these pictures are her own designs.

The hair clip…

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The Ladybug’s Mission Impossible: Produce a Love for Picasso in Milano…

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I think that it’s pretty clear to you that my love for the past touches every field, from fashion to movies passing by literature and figurative art. This is why, when I read that a new huge Picasso’s expo was about to start in Milan (last September) I got very excited about it! This is also why I made a big sacrifice when KNAGUI asked me to wait for him to be in Italy to go and see it together… which meant January 2013! I was a good friend and boss- even if my excitement didn’t stop growing during these months: many people were telling me how great it was and I even refused a guided invitation offered by a colleague at work. Every time that I passed by Palazzo Reale (where the expo was held) I could see long lines and even many people I know came from everywhere…

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The Ladybug’s Secret Recipe to Spice Up Work Wear: Kentucky Fried Vintage

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How many of you work in an office all day? And when I say office, I mean a corporate office where we all must look the same?

Those of you who do may know how hard it is to have your own style in a place where we are supposed to wear uniforms: dark tones suits rule these offices where standing out is quite a sin!


I’m not going to wear sneakers or ripped jeans- not even on casual Fridays, but I always try to have a little something that says something about me everyday: a colored vintage pussybow shirt for example, or a statement jewel or accessory.

I decided to share my “uniform” today by taking pictures during my lunch break, just to show you how I revived my black suit and white shirt: I decided to add something vintage, something funny and of course, something red!

Something vintage:…

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The Ladybug and… The ’80s

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As announced in my last post, here is the third of my ’80s vintage dresses that I bought at (Sous) Vintage Shop in Milan during my house hunting last June!

As you read (and saw!), I visited this amazing vintage shop in Milan. I am one of those few vintage lovers in love with the ’80s! I can’t say that it is my favorite era, but for sure “boldness” was its (and my!) motto! What about Grace Jones, for example? She was, for me, the perfect representation of fashion (and music) of that decade and I still consider her a source of inspiration.

One of the reasons why I love ’80s fashion is the pop of bold colors like the bright purple of this simple dress that I ADORE! And the color is not the only reason why I love it: it’s just easy and smart and depending on the…

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The Ladybug’s Pause for the Cause: NYC Charity Shops Review pt. 2 – “Goodwill Industries”

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I’ve been telling you about the “amazingness” of experiencing thrift stores and charity shops.  And last week I began my review of the ones I visited in NYC with Housing Works.  Remember how I told you what a surprise for me to find this shop, even if I was prepared to find some specific thrift stores while I was there, because I didn’t know anything about it.

Well, one of charity shops I was looking for was a local Goodwill.  I was trying to find one when in all actuality: it found me! It happened on that Saturday morning after visiting (and shopping at!) the Chelsea Antiques Market: when I walked out, I found a big Goodwill store waiting for me to go in and have a look! Of course, that’s what I did!

Goodwill Industries is not just a chain of charity shops around the States: they’ve…

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