Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: My Cool Went Down the Kravitz

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A few weeks ago I was invited by a reader to the Lenny Kravitz concert with Raphael Saddiq as special guest here in Dallas at the Verizon Theater. It’s taken me a while to write about this experience because I had completely lost my cool somewhere in the vicinity of the song he opened his show with. I feel myself losing it again, so let me first tell you about Raphael’s performance.

Raphael Saddiq, in my opinion, is a musical genius. His ability to present this vintage music with today’s flare is more than worth a listen. His look was a cross between geek and greaser and although he only had 1/4 of the stage to call his own, he commanded it.

Speaking of the stage, he brought that back in time as well. Pure simplicity like the footage we see from concerts of huge artists of the 50s&60s playing…

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