The Ladybug’s Peplum Skirts pt. 2: Who Said the Blues Have to be Sad?!?

kNatural Light Photography

As I mentioned in my last post, I went a little nuts about these peplum skirts, and the ones in Zara’s collection didn’t to help curb my enthusiasm.

For those who haven’t read my previous post let me tell you that: a) you should read it! b) I’m obsessed with peplum skirts!

Seriously, I love them for their vintage/retro touch and I can wear them in so many different ways!

My last outfit was indeed a very dressed-down way to use one of my peplum skirts, so this post will be a bit more dressed-up… accentuating my curves instead of camouflaging them!

This second peplum skirt is a cobalt blue mini that I really liked from Zara this year!

I traded the biker boots for a pair of heeled platforms from Lola Cruz and I switched the t-shirt and cardigan for a lovely vintage silk shirt from Stella Dallas in…

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