The Ladybug’s trip into vintage fashion starts from Milano Centrale…

kNatural Light Photography

The Ladybug Chronicles-0102

I don’t know what it is about 2014 that’s reminding me about all the 2013 shoots I’ve never posted! Maybe I just feel that there is a lot great stuff (as there IS!) unseen and I want to post everything now!

So, this is a shoot from June (or May?) 2013. It was taken in Milan at the train station and done completely by chance: I was waiting for KNAGUI to arrive from I don’t know where and BOOM!, he decided to take pictures of me right there!

The Ladybug Chronicles-0075

The Ladybug Chronicles-0097

The Ladybug Chronicles-0111

The result is quite cool even if I wasn’t prepared at all… in other words I wasn’t wearing makeup!!!

But some natural style is not as bad as many of us think, so I decided to give these pictures a public tour!

I am wearing another of my vintage dresses from Humana Vintage (definitely one of my massive vintage providers lately!): an…

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