The Ladybug is a VIP “Southern Gul” in Taormina…

kNatural Light Photography


It’s possible, most of you don’t know that I am a “real Southern girl:” I was born and raised in Sicily and although I left there when I was 18, my beloved family is still there.

This means that every time I “go home” I feel a bit carefree and pampered as if I’m on holiday and I do a lot of visiting, like I did this last Christmas. This time I made a soft plan to visit and show off one of the most beautiful and famous places in Sicily, Taormina, where you can easily feel like a VIP on holiday anytime of the year!



It was a warm sunny day and I decided to wear a vintage shirt from Humana Vintage (remember? The charity shop in Milan that I love so much!) with Zara hot-pants and Stefanel coat.

I added my new Rag & Bone Newbury boots (they are…

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