Month: February 2014

The Ladybug Knows the Third Time’s a Charm: KNAGUI’s Winter Gospel Tour… Live and Direct!

[Urkel voice] “Did I do that?”


Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: Kate Nash Came to Town

The Ladybug Chronicles-2158Well hello, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I’m sorry for my absence, but as you know- I am an “artist” and I had to get out on the road and make that bread!  This winter’s tour of the Soul of Gospel Revue was incredibly amazing and actually, The Ladybug is going to tell you more about it.  At any rate, I’m here to pick up where I left off.  This includes my sharing something with you that happened in November just before rehearsals for the tour got underway.

Near the end of October we received an invitation to go to a show to be held at the legendary Trees in Dallas’ historic Deep Ellum District.

The Ladybug Chronicles-2195Deep Ellum is the infamous Entertainment (arts, music & subculture) District of Dallas.  It’s where many artists once demanded to stop while on tour and where many new artists, like Edie Brickell, cut their teeth and…

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The Ladybug’s Vintage Memories of Sicily…

kNatural Light Photography

The Ladybug Chronicles-6960

If you expected to find pictures of a very young Ladybug, I am sorry to disappoint you… I didn’t mean THAT vintage!

But as I decided, this year, to fully enjoy my Christmas holiday with my family and friends here in Sicily without outfits or blog posts (ok, this is not completely true… there will actually be some!), I figured I’d share one of my “Sicilian” Christmas outfits from last year.

The Ladybug Chronicles-6946

The Ladybug Chronicles-6949

The Ladybug Chronicles-6941

I am wearing one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe: a navy and white ’80s polka dot dress with a marine collar and a beautiful red ribbon that I bought a bit more than a year ago in my beloved Humana Vintage in Milan.

It was a warm yet windy day, so I kept it simple with dark tights and a wonderful pair of black Rag and Bone Newbury ankle boots and Kiko dark red lipstick.

The Ladybug Chronicles-6945

The Ladybug Chronicles-6938

The Ladybug Chronicles-6932

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Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: I’ve Got So Much Trouble On My Mind, Refuse To Lose…

vinatge-poster-v1About a month ago, I shared with you my experience at Austin City Limits. It really was an amazing time of being surrounded by music. While there I had the pleasure of seeing this incredible band called Vintage Trouble; you may remember me mentioning that in the post… but there’s more!  Between their ACL performance and a later show at The Continental Club where they would share the stage with The Dynamics featuring Charles Walker; I was given the privilege to talk with these incredible guys. Please allow me to introduce: vocalist Ty Taylor, guitarist Nalle Colt, drummer Richard Danielson and bassist Rick Barrio Dill, collectively known as Vintage Trouble.

K: Fellas, it’s my genuine pleasure to meet you.  I caught you on Leno a couple months back and had been looking forward to us being in the same place at the same time, so…

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The Ladybug Dances with the Devil in a Blue Dress By the Sea

kNatural Light Photography

Ladybug Chronicles_6304

I think that you know how I am now: it’s happened so many times that you now must be used to this…

I’m talking about the many times I’ve posted outfits from months ago simply because I forgot them in some folder and hadn’t thought about the shoot again (or to put the blame on someone else, KNAGUI makes me “model” way too much when he visits). Then it happens that some distant day (yes, especially on Sundays!), I surf through my old pics and I find things that were “lost.”

Ladybug Chronicles_6301

Ladybug Chronicles_6299

Like this outfit, from my Christmas visit in Sicily, on a balcony the sea in the background.

I am wearing head-to-toe vintage again: in particular, a blue velvet dress with a generous lace V neckline that I bought last year at Humana Vintage in Milan.

I paired it with a beautiful pair of Bruno Magli brown shoes that I…

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Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: “What is that, Crushed Velvet?!?”

kNatural Light Photography

TLC-CarouselFondazioneIt’s Sunday and for me, it’s “Churchday.”

So I got dressed in these denim pants by Do Denim that I really dig a white shirt with gray stripes, my casual Pumas (that I haven’t worn in a couple years) and a Claiborne jacket (from the back of my closet that I haven’t worn even longer than my kicks), but something wasn’t quite clicking.  That’s when I pulled out this incredible buy that I got from Humana Vintage in Milano while on a shopping spree with The Ladybug last winter.Ladybug KNAGUI_2103

Ladybug KNAGUI_21032This ascot is from the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane.  I got it for 2 Euro, I think, and it has to be the most amazing feeling silk I’ve ever worn.  I couldn’t get the line: “What is that, crushed velvet?” from the film Coming to America out of my mind.

Ladybug KNAGUI_2105I also tried the look with my brown corduroy jacket by Triple…

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The Ladybug is an Icecream Thief in the Temple

kNatural Light Photography

Ladybug_0121You know that sometimes I forget photo-shoots in their folders and I find them again months later, right?

Well; like Britney Spears: “Oops, I did it again!”

Ladybug_0133I just found this last night while looking for something else and I remembered how much fun KNAGUI and I had while shooting it: maybe it was my beige trench or the old safe that we found on the way, but we called it “The Thief” shoot!

Ladybug_0141We took these pictures while heading to one of my favorite gelaterias in Milan (you can see- we enjoyed it). This was done at the end of last May.

Ladybug_0129I am wearing a vintage pink shirt from Humana Vintage, a polka dot navy pleated skirt (that I found for a few pounds at a car boots in London last winter) and a Zara beige trench.

Ladybug_0146I paired the outfit with a pair of Isabel Marant tan…

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