Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: Tell the DJ to Put a Nickel on the Needle Because It’s Record Store Day 2013

Photographed by Stephanie Hayes


When I was in college, I learned about Sweetest Day from a girl I was dating.  She explained it to me as “Valentine’s Day for guys.”  …Yeah; never heard of it before… But it was cool because it was my day to be catered to.


Since then, more and more “days” seem to find their way on the calendar.  Some are really cool and thoughtful like Earthday (which is tomorrow), Honesty Day (April 30th) or funny like Talk Like A Pirate Day.  But then there are the ridiculas ones like Lost Sock Memorial Day and If Pets Had Thumbs Day.  These days there seems to be a day for everything.


Well on ThrusDAY I heard about the upcoming DAY for SaturDAY and it was… Record Store DAY… YEAAAAA!  …No really, yea!!!  I immediately reaching out to The Ladybug to ask her if she knew about it (because she knows everything)-…

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