The Ladybug Doubles Down On the Houndsss…Tooth, That Is!

kNatural Light Photography


I’ve always loved the houndstooth pattern… it is definitely one of my evergreens, despite the on/off trend fashion puts it through almost every year! This year it was definitely on trend, that’s why I could find more pieces outside the usual vintage suppliers of great houndstooth pieces!

Today  I’m wearing this classic pattern but all the pieces are new, even if retro inspired- of course!



My sheer shirt is a lovely present from KNAGUI who found it at Forever 21 and… knowing my love for the pattern, decided to buy it for me! Even knowing how risky it was, I decided to wear a second houndstooth piece: these beautiful Max & Co tights that I bought on a crazy day of shopping that I still remember (my credit card too!).



I’m also wearing a yellow Max & Co cap, bought during the sales in January, and a yellow Phard bag… don’t…

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