Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: If You Love Something, Let It Go…

kNatural Light Photography

Some people call me an artist and depending on how I feel, I sometimes say it too, but what most don’t know is that my “second art” is creating in the kitchen. I call myself a “wanna be culinary artist.” Yet there is another love just behind that and it’s my desire to be a photographer. I love it! A few years ago I bought a Nikon D-60 Special Edition. I don’t snap as much as I’d like to, but when I do- I really go for it. This year is my year for improvement in all areas of my life and I’m focused. While I was on tour I met an incredible photographer, Giuseppe Lupoli, who gave me some tips that I’m looking forward to having displayed in later posts by the Ladybug.

Over the years, I’ve collected many books and magazines of photography without giving any regard to…

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