Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: The Mechanical Bull Ride of Life

kNatural Light Photography

If any of you have been fortunate enough to be at or near a track when Ferraris are lapping, you’ll know the distinct sound of them looming around.  I liken my experience hearing them like a swarm of bees.  It was an exciting moment because, like any boy, I remember playing with my cherished red Ferrari Match-Box. But as exciting as that was, it wan’t a highlight of my life because… well, my heart had been stolen and my loyalty locked by the true love of my car life… LAMBORGHINI.

I remember the day it happened: April… or… May something… 1986.  You see, there was a new kid who came to school earlier that semester, Rob Schimmel, and I somehow became his friend.  Rob was mad cool.  By his account, he was the grandson of Arch Rizzo, the wealthy owner of the exclusive restaurant Archie’s Intown which explained why they…

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