Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: The Sound of an Experienced Virgo

kNatural Light Photography

TLC_1295[velvet voice & sexy R&B music in the background] Hello; my name is KNAGUI, and I’m a Virgo. …Yeah, I got jokes, but I really am a Virgo and from what I’ve been told, I’m a Virgo and Libra because I sit on the cusp. …whatever that means.

TLC_1039So, last Sunday was my birthday and I celebrated it with a surprise trip to the state of Washington.  Now this wasn’t my ideal “milestone birthday” destination, but what unfolded was cool enough for me to share and suggest you making a note to visit.

TLC_1273When I thought of Washington, the only things that would come to mind were: “Big Butts” … because it was the home of rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot, Nirvana and how music changed when they hit the scene and [heavenly aahs] The Experience Music Project.

TLC_1061I’ve wanted to visit the Experience Music Project since the week it opened, but…

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