The Ladybug Faces the Challenge to Rock the Red Vintage Dress in Never Never Land!

kNatural Light Photography

TLC_0150I am sure it’s happened to you; you go shopping with a guy (your boyfriend, your brother or just a male friend) and he doesn’t like something that you want to buy that you think it is absolutely amazing!

Ladybug_0167Women usually react in two ways: they let the male’s advice win and leave the piece there or, like I do, not only buy it but also prove that they can rock the piece!

Ladybug_0159This happened to me not longtime ago while going around for shopping in Milan with KNAGUI: I decided to take him to my adored Humana Vintage mega reduced prices sale (he found a wonderful piece, but hasn’t showed it to us yet) and came upon this wonderful red dress with this lovely cream lace peter pan collar.

Ladybug_0148My heart immediately began to fly while KNAGUI’s voice from behind was pronouncing the infamous words: “You’re not getting it, right?…

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