The Ladybug is an Icecream Thief in the Temple

kNatural Light Photography

Ladybug_0121You know that sometimes I forget photo-shoots in their folders and I find them again months later, right?

Well; like Britney Spears: “Oops, I did it again!”

Ladybug_0133I just found this last night while looking for something else and I remembered how much fun KNAGUI and I had while shooting it: maybe it was my beige trench or the old safe that we found on the way, but we called it “The Thief” shoot!

Ladybug_0141We took these pictures while heading to one of my favorite gelaterias in Milan (you can see- we enjoyed it). This was done at the end of last May.

Ladybug_0129I am wearing a vintage pink shirt from Humana Vintage, a polka dot navy pleated skirt (that I found for a few pounds at a car boots in London last winter) and a Zara beige trench.

Ladybug_0146I paired the outfit with a pair of Isabel Marant tan…

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