Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: Kate Nash Came to Town

The Ladybug Chronicles-2158Well hello, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I’m sorry for my absence, but as you know- I am an “artist” and I had to get out on the road and make that bread!  This winter’s tour of the Soul of Gospel Revue was incredibly amazing and actually, The Ladybug is going to tell you more about it.  At any rate, I’m here to pick up where I left off.  This includes my sharing something with you that happened in November just before rehearsals for the tour got underway.

Near the end of October we received an invitation to go to a show to be held at the legendary Trees in Dallas’ historic Deep Ellum District.

The Ladybug Chronicles-2195Deep Ellum is the infamous Entertainment (arts, music & subculture) District of Dallas.  It’s where many artists once demanded to stop while on tour and where many new artists, like Edie Brickell, cut their teeth and…

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