The Ladybug Knows the Third Time’s a Charm: KNAGUI’s Winter Gospel Tour… Live and Direct!

[Urkel voice] “Did I do that?”

The Ladybug Chronicles-0119As you may know I’ve been styling KNAGUI for his winter gospel tours in Europe since 2011. For many different reasons I’ve never had the opportunity to see how my work looked on stage but through pictures, as I have never been to his shows in Italy.  This year came the exception, when I finally had the chance to see one of his shows live in Uboldo (thanks to the lovely Danila and her adorable family).

The Ladybug Chronicles-0118The funny thing about styling KNAGUI for his tours is not that he wears a robe for singing gospel (I’m joking… he does for a limited time at the beginning of the show only just to make “some people” happy!), but the fact that every year he decides the main colors for the group.

The Ladybug Chronicles-00132011 was the red and grey, 2012 was the purple and grey and this year I proposed my green and…

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