For Your Soul Friday: KNAGUI’s Enamored by NAMM… 2014

The Ladybug Chronicles-NAMM2014_10So it’s been a busy period: November was rehearsals, December was tour, the beginning of January was studio and after being home for a couple days, I flew out to LA for NAMM.

The Ladybug Chronicles-NAMM2014_6The Ladybug Chronicles-NAMM2014_11I always enjoy myself at NAMM because I love the rush of initiating, massaging and/or closing deals on the floor.  This year was especially cool because I recently signed Bobby Sparks as an affiliate to my management firm. While writing that, I just decided to interview him for a SSw/K feature.  And if you know anything about Bobby Sparks, you know why!

The Ladybug Chronicles-NAMM2014_4At any rate, I simply wanted to give you a glimpse into the halls of the Anaheim Convention Center and show you a few of the things I saw with this special edition… while also teasing you with pictorial previews of what’s to come in my regular post.

The Ladybug Chronicles-NAMM2014_1This was a small expo for Silvertone…

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