Month: June 2014

Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: Gypsy Gems – An Interview with Davina and the Vagabonds

Soul Sunday with KNAGUI - Davina 03This past Spring, I was in Italy doing vocal clinics and Masterclasses. You know about some of the events The Ladybug and I attended together while I was there. And, as usual, I was in heaven chillin’ with my girl, especially since that trip started with us attending a concert featuring my homie, Raul Midon at La Salumeria della Musica in Milano. To put a marvelous musical bookend on the trip was a surprise date in my detoured route home.

Soul Sunday with KNAGUI - Davina 01I stopped in Minneapolis, Minnesota for business and happened to see online that a band I’d been audibly stalking was playing at a spot called Patrick’s Cabaret.  I immediately called the venue to reserve my seat.

Soul Sunday with KNAGUI - Davina 02Normally, here’s where my post would go into talking about the show and telling you about how amazing this venue (honestly, this place and “its” philosophy of paying and supporting artists is MIND BLOWING)…

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The Ladybug is a Butterfly in the World’s Best Cocoon: A Wonderful Change Has Come Over Mi – lan!

kNatrual Light Photography

The Ladybug Chronicles - OP 61114 01

Yes, this is another “lost folder” post… more particularly an outfit “lost folder.”  I took these pictures almost a year ago, in an area of Milan that is constantly changing: here I was in Corso Como and Piazza XXV Aprile, before the arrival of Eataly and before many changes had happened there. I love seeing how it evolves and I like discovering new things every time that I take a tour around the area.

I’ve changed too, apparently: I had longer hair and… well, let’s just leave it at longer hair!

The Ladybug Chronicles - OP 61114 06

The Ladybug Chronicles - OP 61114 03

The Ladybug Chronicles - OP 61114 02

I enjoyed a sunny spring day walking around with KNAGUI and I wore one of my favorite vintage pieces:  my “carpet doctor bag”, a real bargain from Humana Vintage in Milan!

I made it the accent piece of a H&M jumper, American Apparel long skirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse ballet flats and H&M necklace (red lipstick and nails…

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Soul Sunday with KNAGUI: Blow My Horn, a Quest to Collect the Music of Shirley Horn

SSwK - Shirley Horn 07I remember the day I was introduced to, in my opinion, the greatest spirit in the world of Jazz Music.  The song was one I’d heard many times over, and at that time, you could hear Chaka Kahn’s voice from the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack trumpeting on any given night from someone’s playlist in the dorm-room to cover their satisfying moans.  But nothing compared to the striking of the opening chord and delicate vocal space used to introduced “My Funny Valentine” like this. Who would dare to carefully construct an arrangement using the first phrases of the bridge to invite you into the only other seat of her auditory love boat… Shirley Horn, that’s who.

SSwK - Shirley Horn 05After my friend and amazing vocalist in her own right, Andrea Wallace, introduced me to Ms. Horn, I’ve spent nearly every day with her.  I purchased my own copy of “I Remember Miles” and then…

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