Month: July 2014

Bridget Riley, 1964

Photo by Bridget Riley

© Pleasurephoto

Bridget Riley's Tatler Cover

Bridget Riley, 1964

British artist Bridget Riley’s Tatler cover, 1964

Tony Evans/Timelapse Library Ltd. /Hulton Archive/ Getty Images

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The Ladybug Shares Her “Just-For-Me” ’70s Outfit Shoot

kNatural Light Photography

The Ladybug Chronicles - Hard2Share70s 03

Don’t ask me why, but I found it hard to release these pictures to the public: they were “mine” and I loved them so much… maybe it was the dress, the hat or just the lovely atmosphere of the day. Some time ago KNAGUI and I walked past this street art and decided to stop for a couple of pictures, even though it was quite windy!

I’m also particularly in love with all the things that I coordinated to put this outfit together: in part because they came from some lovely trips and partly because I just love them for being really good pieces!

The Ladybug Chronicles - Hard2Share70s 01

The Ladybug Chronicles - Hard2Share70s 05

The Ladybug Chronicles - Hard2Share70s 04

First the dress: it’s a wonderful long silky vintage dress in amazing condition from the late ’70s- I consider it one of my favorite pieces ever. I got in London last year when my friends took me to Retromania, a vintage charity shop that I fell…

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