Rut Ro: @taylorswift13 Leaves the Spotify Cult and Proves the Rule: Spotify Needs Hits, But Hits Don’t Need Spotify

She and her team have found, or at least stumbled upon, the best way to campaign an album to platinum sales (at least for the day in this seriously changing climate).

I would be interested to know the checks and balances of this effort. I’m sure the tour will put everything in the Black, but how far in the Red is her label at the moment?

Music Technology Policy

If you’ve been observing the media campaign opposing Taylor Swift’s decision to withdraw from Cult Spotify while having the biggest first week sales of any record in a very long time, hopefully you haven’t been distracted by the bright and shiny object.  Taylor Swift has proven the rule that we all knew, but was very unpopular to actually act on:

Spotify needs hits, but hits don’t need Spotify.

Check it out–if you can find the Billboard chart that deals with people who actually sell stuff, you’ll see what happened very plainly.

Everyone from the LA Times to The View has been acting like the invasion of Bob Lefsetz.  The breadth and scope of this media concentration leads me to one conclusion:  It is being orchestrated.

And who benefits from such a campaign?  Spotify.

So think about that for a minute.  Imagine if you decided that a certain record store didn’t…

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